Director's Message


Hong Kong Baptist University is said to be the leader in Human Resources Management (HRM) education in Hong Kong. Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in HRM Programme was first launched in 2010, one of the four HRM degree programmes hosted by Department of Management, is specifically designed for associate degree or high diploma holders who want to pursue a career in HR.

Besides fundamental business education, this programme provides students a vigor academic content consisting full spectrum of HRM functions and practices. Integration of both theory and practice is a core emphasis in the design of this programme. Thus, it is our intention to bring the world of practice into teaching, so that our students will be able to start a lifetime network that extends far from the limits of the academic sphere, as they are being trained to be HR leaders of tomorrow. Another key success factor of this programme is the HRM mentoring, as senior HR professionals serving as mentors of the students. Through this connection, our students have opportunities to learning about the best HRM practice beyond books and lectures; and they are brought closer to the heart of the profession by witnessing managers at work in real life. Last but not least, we aim to ensure that each and every student going through this programme would find what life and social responsibility are all about and facilitate their personal development to be HR leaders with professional integrity and global view.


Dr. Tracy Hui
Programme Director
Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Human Resources Management